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Marco Polo’s Delight

July 19, 2011

The world-famous Venetian merchant and explorer Marco Polo is largely credited with introducing the European mind to the mysteries of the Asian continent through his book, Livres des merveilles du monde. And just like Marco Polo, this dish has Italian origins, but an eastern perspective.

I drew my inspiration from a Mario Batali recipe I discovered on Luisa Weiss’ Wednesday Chef. The original calls for paparadelle pasta tossed in a savoury-sweet spring flavored sauce of peas, honey, and mint.

Those wide flat noodles really soak up this bright sauce brilliantly. The original is fantastic, and you should try it, but the pea purée that is the basis for the sauce is so good, that I find myself wanting it far more frequently than I am willing to indulge in macaroni.

So I set off on my own little mental silk road in search of a suitable noodle substitute. And, like Marco Polo himself, I was met with great fortune in the east.

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Beet & Olive Salad with Shallots & Cream

July 1, 2011

This post has been a long time coming. My little recipe repertoire project slumbered through a hard winter. And, even though things are still not easy yet, summer is in full swing. For those morningbird songs we don’t hear other times in the year we can still be thankful.

It is from just these sort of summer feelings that this spontaneous recipe takes its inspiration. You see, the epic, day-glo pink color of this salad is a classic feature of a mainstay of the Latvian summer diet –  cold beet soup. That soup, however, is really quite different from this salad, aside from its color, and, a recipe for another day. Nonetheless, just having celebrated the summer solstice, things Latvian coupled with a new sense of energy have been polka-ing about my thoughts. This salad is a product of just that. And, so, this little piggy’s kitchen is back in operation. Cūciņa cucina ir augšamcēlusies!

Being as my life is consumed with my study for the California bar exam, my time for grocery shopping has been ever so slightly inhibited. Yet, as the modern world knows, brains need calories for thinking. If I weren’t to eat at all there’s no way I could pass this test. In difficult times, we make do with what he have on hand. In fact, sometimes, like today, the results come out brilliantly.

Cold beets and cream when combined create a fantastically brilliant pink color. That combination is one, that to me, is classically summery. When served cold this is just the sort of freshly cool and light food to fend off the wispy hunger pains peculiar to hot summer days – those feelings of pestering emptiness, which, stunted from full-fledged hunger by the heat, have us squeamishly demur from the heavier dishes of cooler seasons. Here, this color combination works as a base for a piquant cold vegetable salad, that surprises with both the vibrancy of its looks, and tastes.

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Menu for a Wild Party: Aubergine roulettes with lemon, and goat brie; Beef and rosemary meatballs with bacon and scotch; Pork meatballs with lemon-thyme, and aji limon peppers; Queso fresco crostini with honey, lavender and mint

September 1, 2010

We had an enormous party at our house this past weekend. My roommates are quite keen on beer pong. I myself, not so much. The thought of guzzling piss-poor beer with grubby ping bong balls having taken a marinating swim in it is not so appealing to me. Regardless of my take on it, the game is astonishingly popular in the united states. Go figure.

But, hey, to each his own! Everyone had a great time, and that is what counts most for a party.

Instead of joining in the reindeer games, I thought I’d enjoy playing host more. This way all those athletes would have a way of satisfying the hunger such strenuous play is bound to engender. You all might have already guessed the menu from the title of this post.

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August 31, 2010

By way of a wee introduction:

Welcome to my culinary blog! I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting one of these for quite some time now. Now, I’ve finally sat down and done it. I suppose every Rubicon has its crossing. Thank you to all the people who have enjoyed my cooking, my food photography, or, who have encouraged me in either. Without your love and support this would not be here. Hopefully I can share more and more with you all, and the enjoyment will only grow like Antony’s love for Cleopatra, where some said it was “as if increase in appetite grew by what it fed on.” I know this entry is a bit slapdash, and will likely only have pictures for a little bit. After all, my legal studies do take some time & effort, however much I may enjoy neglecting them. However, dear readers, fret not, recipes will follow.

So, here we go.

Labu apetīt!